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alankar chandra This is Alankar, since you have read upto here you are really interested in knowing about me! So to begin with, I landed up on this planet somewhere in the mid-eighties in the east Indian city of Kolkata. Fortunes took a northerly direction and we moved to the northern city of Delhi, where my parents admitted me to a school with the hope of getting me educated. After that I managed to become an ‘engineer-who-cannot-fix-a-bulb’ at Delhi College of Engineering. Post that, I mastered the art of mismanagement at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. After that I was deemed ‘fit’ for the corporate jungle and jumped there and till today keep outsmarting clients on how to act smart.

Apart from the brain numbing activities mentioned above, had some interest in sports, music and travel since school days. Travel for me was a way to unwind from the mad world, it still is. Seeing the forests, the mountains, the seas, the wilderness comes as an oxygen to me. Primarily I would say I am a traveller first, photographer second. Photography came accidentally to me. During my trips with family or friends in early days, I would strive to capture the memories in the most perfect way. I started shooting a lot and learnt mostly by trial and error. Whenever I would get stuck or wanted to capture something in a way I could not, google would come to rescue. When in 2009, one of my photographs got selected and published in National Geographic Magazine through a worldwide contest, that really motivated me to pursue it to the next level. I do not call myself a photographer (and certainly not a professional one at that!) but the thrill of trying to get that perfect shot gives me a kick anyday. Over the last couple of years the focus is towards wildlife trips, which constitute most of my trips these days. Spotting a Tiger in the wild or spotting that endangered bird give me a high which very few things can. Like everything else in life, I would not like to be too serious about this and continue enjoying my travels and clicks without worrying about deadlines and targets.

I would like to use this space to share my experiences in the wild and talk about the destinations I am fortunate to witness. I appreciate your nice comments and likes, please keep your criticism to yourself 😉 Kidding, all your thoughts are welcome 🙂

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Hope you enjoy this journey virtually with me!

Alankar Chandra